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Ejaculation Facial Health Benefits

Unlike some sexual acts, an ejaculation facial has health benefits. Knowing this can actually convince a couple to engage in the act. Lowering blood pressure and an improvement in skin are some of the lasting positive effects of a cumshot facial for women who partake in utilizing or swallowing cum.

Swallowing Cum for Nutrients

If the man supplying the cumshot facial is healthy and well-nourished, swallowing cum is healthy. A typical ejaculation contains just 15 calories and a high amount of protein, zinc, and calcium. Swallowing cum instead of using the cumshot facial cleanup methods provides a supplement of healthy nutrients the body needs. Many women don’t know this, so it could be a selling point if you’re trying to get your partner to swallow the ejaculation.

Swallowing Cum to Lower Blood Pressure

Research shows that swallowing cum also lowers the chance of developing certain pregnancy disorders. One of these disorders, preeclampsia, is a medical condition where high blood pressure comes as a result of the pregnancy. Participating in an ejaculation facial and swallowing cum after completion helps reduce the chance of preeclampsia.

Utilizing an Ejaculation Facial for a Cheap Facial

An ejaculation facial can be beneficial to the skin, even when not swallowing cum. As stated before, a cumshot facial comes with some beneficial nutrients including protein and amino acids. If used correctly, these nutrients will tighten the pores on the face so a cumshot facial can be used as a skin treatment facial, too.

The only drawback of using an ejaculation facial for skin treatment is that it does not last long. An ejaculation will only enhance the skin until it is washed off, so you can use it as a “mask” for a while, but it won’t have lasting effects. While both treatment methods are beneficial, swallowing cum has longer lasting positive effects than using an ejaculation facial for skin care.

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