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About an Ejaculation Facial

Everyone has heard the term ejaculation facial, but what does it really mena? Ejaculationfacial.info is your one stop web site for all your ejaculation facial needs, from definitions to benefits. Want to learn more about the cumshot facial process? Looking for more on cum porn and girls swallowing cum? This is what you’ll find on Ejaculation Facial. Even though it’s possible to give a cumshot to anyone, we’ll talk about the process in a guy-girl role play to keep consistency.

Cumshot Facial Roles Guys and girls know their roles when it comes to an ejaculation facial. Yes, the guy gets to bust a nut and the girl gets cum on her face, but there is more to it than that. Learn the tips, tricks, ins and outs to the proper etiquette, including swallowing cum. Click around to read everything about the roles during a cumshot facial.

Ejaculation Facial Terms Yes, you can call an ejaculation facial a cumshot facial, too, but did you know there are lots of names for it? Read about all the terms associated with an ejaculation facial.

Cum Porn It’s common knowledge that there are certain aspects to “cum porn;” it’s assumed in the name. Getting cum on her face and having someone swallowing cum are key elements in cum porn. See how an ejaculation facial makes the perfect ending to any cum porn sequence, film or video.

Swallowing Cum Has Benefits Did you know there are health benefits to a cumshot facial? It turns out that swallowing cum is good for the “taker” because of certain nutrients found in the projection. Even leaving cum on her face has its health, beauty and nutritional benefits. Read all about how putting cum on her face can make the skin healthier.

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